OCR Clean-up Services

Quantico Systems Ltd OCR Clean up services provides an additional level of quality control to your data entry projects. Here are some of the benefits that clients obtain, from outsourcing their OCR clean up requirements to us:

  • We have 15 years of experience in providing efficient and cost-effective data processing services.
  • All our OCR clean-up services are carried out keeping data security and confidentiality in mind.
  • We use the latest technology and skilled personnel to carry out the OCR clean up tasks.
  • Our personnel carry out meticulous inspection of all document/data/image files that have been used as source for OCR based data entry.
  • During OCR clean up, data comparison carried out between the original and captured data simultaneously as data entry is going on; corrections are made and the accuracy of the data is maintained. Lost data is retrieved and incorrect data is corrected, through this way. OCR clean up helps to correct misreading errors that occurs during OCR.
  • We have stringent quality assurance protocols in place to ensure that the process is efficient and as per norms and the desired specifications are fulfilled.
  • Use of our high quality OCR clean up services saves clients, considerable amount of time and resources down the line and enhances the quality of the data conversion process. Errors are kept to a minimum. Usability of the data is enhanced.
  • OCR clean up processes also facilitates faster rendering of data from image capture files.

Thus, making use of Quantico Systems Ltd’ combination of OCR and OCR-cleanup services is a powerful weapon that ensures that your data will be of very high quality and accuracy and will be extremely reliable.